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Teachers’ Rules and Regulations

Teachers’ Rules and Regulations

(a) Attendance

Teachers should be present at school not later than 08:00. Teachers should sign the attendance book on their arrival in the morning and before leaving in the afternoon. Staff and students will not be allowed to leave the school compound during working hours except with the permission of the Rector.
(b) Morning Prayer

Teachers should attend the Morning Prayer and should place themselves in front of their respective classes. After the prayer teachers should accompany their pupils to the classrooms.
(c) Absence due to illness

A teacher who is absent on grounds of illness should notify the Rector/Manager before 10.00 hrs on the first day of absence. A teacher who is absent on ground of illness for more than two consecutive days should produce a Medical Certificate to that effect on the third day of absence. The Rector/Manager, may at his own expense cause, a Medical Practitioner of his own choice to examine the teacher who is absent from work due to illness.
(d) Annual, casual & examination leave

Annual, casual & examination leave should be applied for and approved by the Rector/Manager (except in special circumstances for casual leave). Unauthorized leave will not be approved.
(e) Permission

Permission to leave school premises during working hours is granted by the Rector/ School Clerk. Whenever permission is granted, an entry should be made in the Movement Book provided.
(f) Daily and weekly notes

Teachers should submit their daily and weekly notes to the School Clerk on their arrival at the school in the morning on the first working day of every week.
(g) Discipline in classrooms

No teachers is allowed to smoke or do private reading (newspapers, etc) while he is in charge of a class. No teacher is allowed to leave his class unattended (except in urgent needs). Teachers should have full control over their pupils when they leave the classrooms at morning break, at lunch time and on leaving the classroom at the end of the last period.
(h) Replacement

Teachers should replace their colleagues in case of absences and keep the pupils busy by conducting a class.Teachers who are frequently absent will have to do the replacement more often than others.
(i) Extra curriculum activities

Extra curriculum activities form part of the scheme of duty. Teachers should therefore collaborate with the Management whenever their services are required for such activities.
(j) Others

The attention of all teachers is also drawn to the contents of the general provisions of the P.R.B report below. The details of the duties and responsibilities of the teachers include inter alia, the following:
  • Teaching of the authorized subjects
  • Preparation of lesson notes and schemes of work
  • Setting adequate amount of homework and class work to pupils and checking of same
  • Proper running, control and management of the class
  • Maintenance of discipline in classrooms or on premises of the school and on the playground when the need arises
  • Looking after the welfare of pupils, their general progress and recording their attendance
  • Attending in-service courses, training courses and seminars relating to their work whenever required
  • Setting tests and class examinations as required, supervising such tests and class examinations and marking the
  • scripts, preparing reports on pupils etc.
  • Taking charge of laboratories, workshops etc.
  • Conducting extension classes or vacation courses any other such activities directed
  • Any other duties or activities relevant to their positions as secondary school teachers
Any other cognate duties.

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